SAPO celebrates its 19th birthday

On September 4th, SAPO celebrated its 19th birthday.

Having grown hand-in-hand with the Internet itself, SAPO witnessed and shared every major national and world event, backed by a talented, passionate team who dared pushed the limits of what could be done online with flair and charisma.

Going toe-to-toe with major Internet brands, the portuguese language site expanded in scope and territory by becoming a major content hub and providing news and online services to five Portuguese-speaking countries: Portugal, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique and East Timor.

As its role grew, so did its reach: SAPO is available across the full spectrum of platforms, from the traditional desktop to television and mobile devices. Aiming for ubiquity, SAPO provides interactive multimedia content for connected TVs and the MEO digital television service.

SAPO also remains true to its roots - it maintains close ties to academia through SAPO Labs and organizes SAPO Codebits, Portugal's largest technology event.

"Born on September 4th 1995" would be a fitting title for a success story. And then some, given the many successful, innovative projects launched by SAPO over the past 19 years, driving technology and pushing the envelope for digital media.