The Lisbon Maker Faire was a success and will be back next year

The first Lisbon Mini Maker Faire took place between  September 19th and 21st, and was an unquestionable success. Brought to Portugal with the help of SAPO, the first edition took in over 12 thousand visitors.

Over 100 projects were on display at the Pavilhão do Conhecimento, including: Beards on Boards; BikeYourHeart; Bitalino; DiffTrike; Generative Scultpures; Full Metal Racer; Picollo; Pietro Proserpio; Robosavvy; Tesla Coil; Zeca Robot - and many more.

The attendance for this edition of the most popular Maker event in the world is irrefutable evidence for a growing interest from the Maker community and the general public in sharing knowledge and experiences in this field.

SAPO will be co-organizing a new edition in 2015, creating new opportunities for everyone to experience the best the Portuguese Maker community has to offer.